Community – Our Approach

Equinor is not only interested in generating gigawatts of power. When we think about development, we’re thinking about local communities – how, as a company, we can have a positive impact on the environment and on economic development and jobs.  For us, that means consistently demonstrating respect for the environment and for the people who are affected by our projects. We try to be transparent, by engaging and communicating actively with stakeholders – even before we have all the answers. We seek to minimize our impact on the environment by collaborating with conservation and preservation groups, fisheries, front-line communities and tribal communities, among others.  We want to create local jobs, including by working with unions and sourcing materials from the US whenever possible.

Collaboration and Communication

Atlas Wind won’t just happen offshore. We are engaging with communities to fully realize the opportunities created by offshore wind.

We use a community-led development model based on collaboration and communication to create sustainable solutions for an equitable energy transition. This commitment includes investing millions of dollars into local development, and focusing on priorities outlined by the communities where we live and work.